8 Signs That You're Entering Menopause

With no clear starting or ending point and many strange diversions along the way, how is a woman supposed to know when she’s entering menopause? And what she should do when she gets there? 

Board-certified gynecologist Eugene Guerre Jr., MD, our team at Genesis Weight Loss and Wellness Centers in Brooksville, Florida, is here to help. 

As part of our comprehensive line of gynecological services, we help women in all reproductive stages enjoy optimal health and wellness. We also believe in the power of education for keeping you in the pink of health.

Read on to learn eight signs you’re entering menopause and what you can do if you think you’ve begun the next stage of your reproductive life.     

Irregular periods or no period at all

As you enter perimenopause, it’s normal to miss periods or have periods come at a different cadence than what you’re used to. Your menstrual cycle may get longer or shorter. It may come less frequently and eventually will stop altogether. 

You aren’t in menopause until you’ve gone a full year without getting a period. In the time leading up to menopause, it’s still possible to get pregnant. Talk to Dr. Guerre if you aren’t sure whether a missed period is because of menopause or a possible pregnancy. 

Mood changes

Just as the hormonal changes of puberty caused major mood changes, so does menopause.

You may be used to associating mood changes with your menstrual cycle. As you enter menopause, you’ll find you experience these ups and downs or mood swings without your period.  

If you find yourself feeling sad for no reason or especially angry or irritable, it could be a sign of menopause. For some women, these mood changes include feeling listless or tired. 

Extra padding around the middle

Because of the hormone changes associated with menopause, you may find yourself putting on extra pounds around your tummy. Gaining weight in this area increases your risk of heart disease, so talk to Dr. Guerre about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight as you age. 

Decreased libido

Some women find they’re less interested in sex as they enter menopause. You may feel more self-conscious and feel less desirable, leading to a decreased libido, or the lack of sexual interest may stem from physical and hormonal changes. 

Dr. Guerre offers different treatments and medications to help reduce these symptoms so you can get your sex life back.

Lack of lubrication

During menopause, the changes in estrogen levels cause changes to your vagina, including a lack of vaginal moistness and lubrication. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), prescription medications, lubricants, gels, and creams can help combat the discomfort a lack of lubrication brings. 

Night sweats and hot flashes

Hot flashes can be mild or severe and last anywhere from 30 seconds to over 10 minutes. When a hot flash happens at night, it can wake you up and may cause you to sweat through your bedclothes and sheets.

Night sweats and hot flashes are two of the most frustrating signs of menopause for many women. While researchers aren’t sure of their exact cause, they believe both night sweats and hot flashes are related to a drop in the hormones that help your body regulate your temperature. 

Changes to your skin and hair

The lower estrogen levels of menopause can affect your skin and hair, and not in the ways you’d like. Skin changes include an increase in fine lines and wrinkles, acne breakouts, and an increase in eczema. Your hair can turn brittle and dry and even fall out or become thinner. 

The good news is that there are products to help you overcome these unwanted changes. Our team at Genesis Weight Loss and Wellness Centers can provide customized recommendations. 


As menopause starts, changing estrogen levels can trigger a chronic stress response. Your brain reacts to this fight-or-flight surge in chemicals by keeping your body from relaxing. As a result, you have trouble sleeping. 

Learn more about menopause and its signs and symptoms by contacting Dr. Guerre and our friendly team at Genesis Weight Loss and Wellness Centers in Brooksville, Florida. Call us at 352-597-7700 today.

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