Finish Off Your Weight Loss Journey With WarmSculpting with SculpSure

Working out and having good nutrition is 99% of the weight loss battle, but some people need a little help with that last 1%. There’s no shame in asking for it; you’ve come a long way already, and the finish line is in sight!

AtGenesis Weight Loss & Wellness Center in Brooksville, Florida, Eugene Guerre Jr., MD can help you finally reach your body image goals using WarmSculpting™ treatments with SculpSure®. It’s safe, it’s effective, and it can be the small assist you need to finally achieve your weight loss goals and get the toned, taut look you deserve.  

Body contouring 101

Body contouring is commonly known as nonsurgical liposuction. It uses targeted energy that zooms just below the surface of your skin to locate and disrupt stubborn fat cells that exercise and nutrition can’t defeat. The light energy simply heats up the fat cells enough to make the body think they are natural waste, then lets your lymphatic system flush them away over the next few weeks.  

The WarmSculpting treatment process

Your doctor will make sure you’re comfortable, then use the handheld SculpSure device to target small pockets of fat loss resistance. Your body probably likes to store fat in one or more of the following areas:

Your treatments will only take about 25 minutes per area, and you shouldn’t feel anything other than a slight warming sensation. You won’t even have to completely disrobe. There’s no downtime and no recovery period, You can stop in for a treatment and then go about your day. 

Is WarmSculpting treatment right for you?

WarmSculpting treatments can’t make you lose massive amounts of weight or pounds of fat. You’ll have to do the groundwork first. Then, as you’re getting ready to finish your weight loss journey, Dr. Guerre can give you the final push you need to take you over the top. WarmSculpting treatments are not recommended if you have a BMI over 30, and you’ll need to avoid blood thinners and aspirin in the days leading up to and immediately following your appointment.  

WarmSculpting treatment effectiveness

WarmSculpting treatments can get rid of as much as 24% of fat in problem areas. It will take about six weeks to see full results, but you’ll notice the slow progression of smoothing, slimming, and shaping your body. If you like what you see, you can return to treat another body area and get even more results. 

To find out if WarmSculpting with SculpSure could be the right body contouring option for you, call us at 352-597-7700 to schedule a consultation today.

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