How Both Men and Women Can Contribute to Infertility and How We Can Help

If you’re one of the 15% of couples struggling to start their family, you know how devastating trying and failing to have a baby can be. You may start wondering if you, your partner, or both could be the cause of infertility.

There are many reasons for infertility, and while you might think women struggle the most with issues related to conception and pregnancy, both partners can play a role in the inability to have a baby. 

At Genesis Weight Loss and Wellness Centers in Brooksville, Florida, our team, led by Eugene Guerre Jr., MD, specializes in reproductive endocrinology, an area of medicine dedicated to treating the underlying causes of infertility in both men and women.  

Take a moment to learn how both men and women can play a role in infertility and how our compassionate care team can help you start your family.    

What is infertility?

Infertility is the condition of not being able to get pregnant despite trying for at least a year. In women over 35, the timeframe shortens to six months. 

For a couple to get pregnant, four main things must happen: 

Any issues that prevent these four steps from occurring, either before, during, or after the process, can lead to infertility.   

How can women contribute to infertility?

Women can contribute to infertility through either hormonal issues and imbalances or because of structural issues that prevent the egg from reaching the uterus or attaching to the uterine lining. 

At Genesis Weight Loss and Wellness Centers, Dr. Guerre has frequently seen disruptions in the ovulation cycle cause infertility. Other possible conditions can contribute to infertility in women, including:

How can men contribute to infertility?

Men typically contribute to infertility through issues with their sperm. Low sperm count or abnormal sperm function can make it difficult to conceive. 

Other possible ways in which men can contribute to infertility include: 

In many cases, the root cause of a couple’s struggle to have a baby can be linked to fertility issues in both partners. An evaluation with Dr. Guerre is the best way to determine the root cause or causes of infertility.

What can we do about infertility?

At Genesis Weight Loss and Wellness Centers, our team has helped many couples diagnosed with infertility become parents.

After a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, Dr. Guerre recommends customized treatment for the conditions that may be contributing to your infertility for both partners. These treatments may include assisted reproductive technologies like in-vitro fertilization (IVF), as well as medications for hormonal imbalances.   

If you’re struggling with infertility, the experts in reproductive endocrinology at Genesis Weight Loss and Wellness Centers can help. Call our Brooksville, Florida, office at 352-597-7700 today to schedule an appointment.

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